Corinne is an antagonist from the 2013 comedy, Admission. Like the film's protagonist, Portia Nathan, Corinne is an Admissions Officer at Princeton University. However, both Corinne and Portia were rivals vying for the position of Dean of Admissions, which is held by the about-to-retire Clarence. Both ladies appear to be friends, but on more than one occasion, Corinne surreptitiously talks down to Portia and carries herself with an arrogant and cocky attitude. She also makes attempts to make herself look better than Portia in the eyes of Clarence. Corinne also denies Jeremiah, who Portia believed to be her biological son she gave up for adoption (it turned out he wasn't), acceptance to Princeton despite Portia's passionate plea. Though it is not revealed, an assumption can be made that Corinne ended up getting the Dean of Admissions position after Portia was forced to resign after it was revealed that she falsified Jeremiah's records in an attempt to get him in to Princeton.

She was portrayed by Gloria Reuben.