Core Hunter

A former hero turn rogue that escaped during the Breakout and seek the Doom Box weapon to controlled the galaxy.

Forming a alliance with one of the Doom Box's creator, Arctur.


Once a hero and best friend of Preston Stormer, being corrupted and loving to life crime. Hunting down any Heroes and removing their Quaza cores. He failed to escape off the planet and arrested to Villain Storage. Later escaped during the Breakout. AfterBlack Phantom 's plan fail, he bought a map from Speeda Demon for the three Doom Box's fragments location and shown to be spread out across the galaxy. Traveling to retrieved the missing for the fragments of the ultimate weapon, to use the Doom Box for destorying other planets and be ruler of the universe.


Breez use his Hero Core Remover Tool to absorb the Doom Box's energies and rendering it useless, He use the overloaded energized wespon to knockdown the Heroes and killing his partner, Arctur. Trying to bribing Surge a position of his new empire. Surge refuse and his Electric Shooter at him, causing his new powers to reversed and shrinking into a oblivion.

Abillities and Traits

Extremely methodical and precise, he is skilled of hunting his quarry and able to defeat any Heroes one-on-one. With a surgical intelligence and perfectionist attitude of his career, outfitted with multi-vison goggles and spikey armor. Also, short-tempter and power-hungry.


He possessed a plasma shooter and his favorite weapon, a Hero Core removing tool.


  • Core Hunter got his name for removing any Heroes core and get away with it.
  • He has similar traits of Yautja, he remove the Hero's core as Predator would remove his prey skull and act like hunters.
  • Like Von Ness, once a hero and friend of Stormer. Only slowly of getting involved in associated and turning more corrupted, breaking free of his old life and becoming a villain in the Doom Box novel. 
  • Like Palpatine, he tries to corrupted Mark Surge of betraying his team and offering a position for his new leadership over the galaxy.
  • He'll never alliance himself with the Legion of Darkness