Cop Gordon is the head of police in the video-game Naughty Bear.


Cop Gordon is the head of police. When a bear calls for help or escapes by boat, the police usually come. Cop Gordon is armed with a hand gun. Cop Gordon will often arrive inside a house and stay in one area until alerted to Naughty Bear's presence. He will then shoot at Naughty with his gun. When the threat is over, he will stay in the area again.

At one point, Cop gordon decided it was time to get rid of Naughty forever and came up with a clever plan. He invited Naughty Bear to a party as a cake tester. Naughty arrived and tried to shake paws with Cop Gordon as a sign of friendship. Howver, Cop Gordon knocked a plate of jelly over, revealing a button that he pressed. Several search-lights rose from the ground. It was then a super-hero team known as the X-Bears arrived. Their leader, Danger Bear, came wielding his Rod of Justice. However, Naughty escaped. Furious, Naughty went out to kill Cop Gordon.

Cop Gordon was located at the Cabin, heavily guarded by X-Bears. Naughty arrived and a great battle broke out and Naughty succeeded at killing Cop Gordon, Danger Bear, and Bubble, a bear who was in on the scheme. Naughty then fled and went home.