Cooper is an antagonist of the 1990 remake, Night Of The Living Dead.

He was portrayed by Tom Towles.


Barbara and Ben find other survivors hiding from the zombies in the farmhouse and one of the survivors is Cooper, who is loud and likes to argue.     

He thinks everyone should go to the cellar and barricade the door and wait for the cops but Ben believes that would be a horrible idea because it would be a death trap. Then an argument happens between Ben and Cooper and leaves the Coopers in the basement with their sick, zombie-bitten daughter. He viciously abuses his wife both verbally and physically even when she's trying to talk reason with him that they should all work together to live.    

Then later he gets out of the basement and tells his wife to go back down to the basement and her daughter needs her, which leads to her death and being reanimated as a zombie. Cooper gets Barbara's gun from her after wrestling her and shoots Ben, badly wounding him and then runs and hides in the attic. Then when Barbara returns with a group of locals, the media, and townspeople, Cooper comes out of the attic still alive but is shot and killed by Barbara, who tells them, "another one for the fire".