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Cell Block Tango

The Cell Block Tango by King of the Damned.331221227 std

The six Merry Murderess of the Cook County Jail in their rendition of...the Cell Block Tango

He had it coming! He had it coming! He only had himself to blame! If you'd have been there, if you'd have seen it, I BET YA YOU WOULD HAVE DONE THE SAME!
~ The Inmates justify their murders

The Cook County Jail Inmates are a group of female convicts from the theatrical production turned movie Chicago. As the inmates of "Murderer's Row" they are revealed to have all killed their respective husbands and boyfriends, all of them justifying it on the grounds that "he had it coming". The known ones and their crimes are:

  •  Liz, a woman who murdered her boyfriend by shooting him in the head twice with a shotgun in retaliation for his popping bubble-gum repeatedly. 
  • Annie, a woman who poisoned her lover after learning that he had six wives (against his own religion: Mormonism).
  • June, a woman who murdered her husband by stabbing him to death after he accused her of adultery. 
  • Kaitlin Hunyak, a Hungarian woman accused of murdering her husband. Actually, she is genuinely innocent, but because all she can say in English is "not guilty," while everything else she says is in Hungarian, she is not understood, so she is arrested. In fact, she is eventually executed, but because she is really innocent, no "Deceased Villains" or "Falsely-Accused Villains" category applies here.
  • Velma Kelly, who murdered her husband and sister after catching them doing "The Spread Eagle" together
  • Mona, a woman who killed her lover after she learned that he was cheating on her.