A couch potato with a sooped-up remote.
~ Raven describing Control Freak

Control Freak is a villain in the television show Teen Titans. Although not seen by the titans as a threat, Control Freak still has some scenes where he reigned supreme over the titans.

He's a fat overwight movie fanatic who uses TV inspired powers and ploys. In one episode where the Titans almost faced defeat, Control Freak manages to transfer himself from the real world to the TV giving him reality-warping powers with cartoonic entities.

He first appeared in the episode "Fear Itself", where he terrorized a video store, creating video-like monsters. He was then defeated by the Teen Titans and taken to jail.

He returned in the episode "Don't Touch That Dial", where he escaped from prison and took over the broadcasting network, going through every channel he can explore and take over, like parodies from movies like the 007 movies and Star Wars. Beast Boy then defeated Control Freak by using a mind powering chant, trapping him in a picture frame, and was presumably sent back to prison.

In another episode, he began a vendetta against The Titans East, who were staying in Jump City while the Teen Titans were out hunting the Brotherhood of Evil. Feeling that they were inferior to the main Titans group he usually fought (and lost to), he assembled a two-pronged attack, one with a series of challenges and death traps, another with a tirade on social media. He lost in both instances, the Titans East proving equal to the challenges, and his social media allies deserting him in droves once the Titans East proved themselves. Ever the fanboy stereotype, Control Freak made the mistake of appearing before the Titans East to gush over how cool their actions were, rather than escaping.

He also drives a car that looked like a remote in a race with the Titans and owns other remote like gadgets similar to the movie Click. In the rest of the series, Control Freak always breaks the fourth wall in one of his protests to become a villain.

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