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Consuela is the main antagonist of the 2002 comedy/horror film Eight Legged Freaks.

She is an enormous female black widow spider from Brazil, and like all the other spiders, she belonged to a spider farmer before they all got exposed to noxious chemicals that made them grow to the size of a man, with some of them (like Consuela) being even bigger.


She appeared at the beginning of the film where Joshua, the spider farmer, showed a kid named Mike his spiders, including Consuela, who was being fed crickets by the male orb-weavers. After Mark leaves, a tarantula named tank bites Joshua and then the other spiders kill him. They then start to grow to the size of adults. She makes a slight appearance when Mark returns to find Joshua missing and discovers a broken leg of an Orb-Weaver spider.

Apparently unaware of their growth, the spiders start to prey on the residents of the town and their pets, with Consuela staying in her lair while the other spiders bring her food, as if she is the queen. She then appeared when a teenager, Bret, got lost in the mines where the spiders live and sees Consuela feeding on a human.

She doesn't appear again until the end of the film where she, along with a large group of other spiders, chases the main character, Chris and his aunt Gladys through the mines. However, before she can capture Chris, the mines blow up, and she and the other spiders are destroyed.


  • Female orb-weavers in reality look nothing like Consuela, with the male orb-weavers in the film actually resembling female orb-weavers more than Consuela.

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