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Don't make me kill you again.
~ Constance to Moira.

Constance Langdon is a main character and the overall secondary antagonist in the first season of American Horror Story.

She is portrayed by Jessica Lange, who also portrayed Sister Jude, Fiona Goode, and Elsa Mars in later seasons.


Constance was born and raised in Virginia, but came to Los Angeles to become an actress. After objecting to the nudity that was flooding the film industry at the time, her dreams of becoming an actress fell to the wayside.

Later, in 1983, she murdered both her husband, Hugo, and Moira O'Hara (with whom Hugo has cheated with once before) after catching them about to have sex, believing they were having an affair. After disposing of the bodies, Constance fell into a deep depression and began drinking heavily. With Hugo gone and the family's income greatly depleted, the bank repossessed the house and Constance had to move out.


She purported to be gentle and good-natured but was really cunning and rude. She cared very much for her children, even though she frequently resorted to cruel parenting. She also ran a boarding kennel out of her home.

Constance was very concerned with her status and looks. To curb her loneliness, she began a relationship with a younger man named Travis Wanderly. In order to restore her formerly upper-class lifestyle, she stole Vivien's jewelry and silverware. When the house fell out of her possession, Constance seduced Larry Harvey, an influential banker who moved into the house after her with his wife and children. After the deaths of Larry's family, Constance moved back into the house with Tate, Adelaide, and Beauregard.

Constance has turbulent connections with many of the inhabitants of the house, but especially Moira. Despite this, it appears the two of them are involved in some sort of plot involving Vivien's pregnancy, as she brings over assorted innards of pig for Vivien, claiming the organs are good for the baby. She may also have some precognitive ability, for example: she entered the house in the middle of the night and keeps Ben from injury during the Pilot and the toxic cupcakes she delivered for Violet actually ended up making one of the intruders violently ill during the home invasion. Even though she is well aware of the dead inhabitants and their fates in the house, she says nothing to warn the Harmon family.


  • She bore many similarities to the character Minnie Castevet, the strange and eccentric neighbor portrayed by Ruth Gordon in Rosemary's Baby. Both characters try to obtain babies destined to become malefic entities from their respective mothers.
  • She is the only AHS character that portrayed by Jessica Lange who is still alive in her last appearance, as Sister JudeFiona Goode and Elsa Mars all ended up dying.