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Conrad is a secondary antagonist in Skeleton Key in the Alex Rider series. He is General Sarov's mercenary and henchman.


Conrad was once the most famous terrorist in Europe. He was born in Istanbul, the son of a butcher, he blew up his school with a bomb he made in detention. In 1989, he had a bomb he was carrying go off. It blew him apart, but he was stitched back together, barely alive.

Conrad was sent to do gruesome work for General Sarov, such as bombing. He was successful in many of his operations. He was ordered to kill the Salesman, a greedy villain who General Sarov dealt with. Then Conrad captured Alex Rider and tortured him, almost crushing him to death but was stopped by General Sarov himself. Conrad expressed a hatred for Alex from then on.

Conrad threatened Alex, bullying him throughout his stay on Skeleton Key.

Conrad knew of Sarov's plan of bombing Murmansk, because he would have his rewards in the new order. Conrad was knocked out by Alex's tear gas and incapacitated, but he recovered and shot the guard who wanted Alex arrested.

He then flew to Murmansk with General Sarov and took his chance to kill Alex, beating him up and strangling Alex. Then he was almost successful, but Alex, at the last minute, remembered that General Sarov had told him Conrad's body was ninety percent metal rods, and maneuvered a magnetic crane over with a joystick, and Conrad was sucked up to the metal plate, breaking his back and killing him. His body later landed in the icy water.

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