Connie Volkos is a dazzling, sexy identity-stealing scammer in the 2004 TV movie, Identity Theft.

She was portrayed by Annabella Sciorra.

She is reckless and thoughtless. Seizing upon an opportunity to rob someone of their identity, Michelle Brown, she takes it. She buys stuff under her name, a car, a house. She also does drugs. She buys and sells them herself.

Unlike most villains, though, she isn't cruel. In fact, she isn't even arrogant. In many ways she's a total sis. In one scene, when she's buying some drugs from a couple of bros, she says, "Wassup." This villain Annabella plays, more cool (she's even broish) than her other villains Angie and the heroine Claire that she plays, both of whom hate autistic people (well the latter doesn't at first, but never even apologizes for accusing him of molesting her daughter; for that I'd rather be friends with this girl than either two).