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Now this is what I call a platform game.
~ Conker when he's about to bounce on the sunflower's breasts.
It's true what they say: the grass is always greener, and you don't really know what it is you have until it's gone. Gone... Gone...
~ Conker's closing monologue.

Conker The Squirrel (also known as Conker) is the the main protagonist in the videogame Conker's Bad Fur Day and its remake Conker: Live & Reloaded. Despite him being the main protagonist, he has been considered by many to be an anti-hero.


Conker is an orange squirrel, with big blue eyes, he wears a sky blue zipper jacket, white gloves, and blue and yellow shoes. The X-Box remake gives him shorts, and takes away the gloves.


Conker is a somewhat rude, mean, cocky, cruel, greedy, arrogant, perverted, selfish, alcoholic, ill-tempered, manipulative, contumacious, acquisitive, deceitful, pompous, seductive, egotistical, cantankerous, pessimistic, suspicious, obstinate, and cynical squirrel. He also has a girlfriend named Berri, and his relationship with her isn't that great. Every time he sees money, his eyes show dollar signs, which shows his greedy nature. He is also very clever and able to outsmart his dimwitted foes, similar to the way Bugs Bunny does in his early cartoons.

Conker's Bad Fur Day

At the beginning of the Game, Conker is sitting on the Throne of the Panther King. He tell story of how he became the king of the town. He said that it all started, yesterday. At the beginning of his story, Conker leaves a message on his girlfriend's answering machine. He tells her that he going out with the guys, but what he was really doing was getting royally plastered at a drinking game. After having enough he decided to leave. Because of all that alcohol, he fell in a drunken sleep. When he woke up, he woke up with a nasty hangover. After meeting with a scarecrow named Birdy, Birdy gave him some medicine and Conker sobered up. And the rest of the game, Conker's trying to get home, while enduring everything weird that comes towards him. He's encountered weird characters such as the Great Mighty Poo, The Big Big Guy, and even a Xenomorph. After Conker killed the Xenomorph, with some 4th wall jokes, Conker became the ruler of the kingdom, but wasn't satisfied because he didn't save Berri.

Conker*s big reunion

Conker is back, he was naked, asleep in outdoors, Birdy finds him and tells him that he has to go onto reunion in the Cock and Plucker, since he didn't have money with him he went to find more and dicovered that Tediz are still alive, Conker once again defeats them and gets their money, when he gets to the Cock and Plucker he finds out that Tediz are gonna destroy the pub with TNT he drinks some beer and urinates on the burning TNT and stops Tediz and goes to his reunion.

Villainous Acts

  • Conker's main villainous act is murder. He has murdered several characters throughout his adventures. Not including any of the bosses, Conker has murdered a mouse, by forcing him to eat a huge amount of cheese, which caused him to explode (though the mouse appears later in the game with his body stitched back together). He is responsible for the deaths of dozens of cave men and golems as well. He killed a relative of his known as Count Batula, by over feeding him with the blood of innocent villagers (also killed by Conker while doing Batula's bidding), which caused him to fall into a meat grinder. Conker also kills his pet baby dinosaur by dropping a huge stone crushing device on the baby. He even killed several cows with a bull ramming into them.
  • Another crime Conker committed was killing two innocent goblins that did not know they had TNT on their back, just so that he could complete a mission for the Squirrel general.
  • He also extorted money from Queen Bee in order to save her hive, forcing her to triple and then quadruple the amount she was originally willing to give him.
  • While he was fighting the Fire Imps he drank a huge amount of alcohol and proceeded to piss on the Imps.


  • It turns out that Conker's middle name is The, and his last name is Squirrel.
  • Bat Conker

    Bat Conker

    In majority of the game Conker burns bats that attack him, and yet ironically, he temporally become a bat after getting bitten by his vampire relative, Count Batula
  • Conker isn't just a squirrel, he's also 1/28th vampire because his Great great great great great grandfather is a vampire.
  • Conker's pocket tales might not be canon.

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