Conduit Edwards was a wealthy and devoted follower of Diagon as well as the leader of the 2 cults of fellow Diagon worshippers known as the Flame Keepers' Circle and the Esoterica. He used to recruit celebrities for his group to attract more people.

Ultimate Alien

In "The Flame Keepers' Circle", he believed that Vilgax was Diagon. He protected him at all costs.

In "A Knight to Remember", Conduit Edwards took Vilgax to the Diagon's heart. When Vilgax touched the sword within the heart and returned to his normal form, Edwards realised he had been tricked. He and his men attempted to retaliate but Vilgax took them out with a shockwave launched from his right arm.

Conduit Edwards reappeared in "The Beginning of the End". During the Coming of Diagon, Edwards tried to assassinate the Forever Knight leader Sir George, but his squire Winston took the fatal blow for George, killing himself. In vengeance for Winston, George stabbed Edwards through his stomach, killing him. His last words were "may Diagon curse you."


  • Egrokinesis: He can manipulate energy for a variety of offensive purposes.
  • Phase-Jumping: He can jump across the Earthly plane and Diagon's dimension.
  • Persuasion: He recruits celebrities so as to fool people into joining his cult.
  • Combatant: He is also a very capable fighter.