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The Compsognathus are minor villains in the 2009 movie Land of the Lost (although their status as villains is debatable since they are only pilfering animals, nevertheless they are nuisance to the protagonists because they tried to steal important items such as their raft and the Tachyon Amplifier, and they also participated to the attack of the ice cream truck).


After Rick Marshall, Holly and Will come in the desert, they see many things from across time which have been transported in the Land of the Lost. A pack of Compsognathus passes near them and the trio see that they are heading to their raft in attempt to appropriate it. Furious, Will flings rocks at them, but they doesn't leave. Suddenly, an ice cream truck appears and crushes the raft, killing a few Compsognathus. Driven by hunger, the remaining Compsognathus attacks the truck. Then, many Dromaeosaurus arrive and join the Compsognathus in the assault, causing a lot more damage. The Compsognathus still try to attack the truck, but the Dromaeosaurus repel them with their tails. While they continue to turn around the truck, Grumpy arrive and scares the two packs away.

Soon after, Rick is pursued by both Grumpy and Big Alice. Unfortunatly, a large number of Compsognathus who are stealing various things stands in his path and obstructs his flight. He harshly manages to extricate from the reptiles and seize a liquid nitrogen tank, then he successfully uses it to kill Big Alice, exploding her body. A Compsognathus comes to eat the remaining pieces of meat, but he finds the Tachyon Amplifier and attempts to steal it. However, a Pterodactyl suddenly arrives and pounce on the dinosaurs, and he succeeds to grab both his prey and the Tachyon Amplifier.


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