This isn't war this is sport! Ha ha!
~ Commander Skorr
~ Commander Skorr after Colonel Mace shot him.

Commander Skorr, also known as Skorr the Bloodbringer, is the secondary antagonist of the Doctor Who episodes "The Sontaran Stratagem" and "The Poison Sky". He is an antagonistic commander in the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet serving under General Staal and acts as the latter's right hand man.

He was portrayed by Dan Starkey who also played other Sontarans like Commander Jask in The End of Time Part 2 and Commander Strax.


Skorr was a hardened Sontaran Commander who had fought in many battles prior to the events of the episodes and had slaughtered many enemies on the field of battle, earning his nickname, Skorr the Bloodbringer.

Skorr was presented during the Tenth Sontaran Battle Fleet's attempted subjugation of Earth in 2009 using the ATMOS devices. He first appeared when General Staal and Luke Rattigan came onboard the Sontaran Battleship. He commented how Staal had faced battle open skinned and asked him if he may remove his helmet to share that honor as well. After doing so, he then asked Luke how many ATMOS devices had been installed worldwide. Later, along with two UNIT soldiers who had been placed under hypnotic control, he oversaw the creation of a clone of Martha Jones (who had level 1 clearance) to infiltrate UNIT. 

After ATMOS was activated, Staal ordered Skorr to lead an attack squad to ambush the UNIT soldiers in the ATMOS factory in order to protect the real Martha Jones whom they were using to keep their clone of her alive. Due to a cordolane signal that stopped their guns from working, the UNIT soldiers were helpless as Skorr and his comrades massacred them. Skorr even went so far as to proclaim that it was more like sport than war. Among the casualties were Private Ross Jenkins, who was shot by Skorr himself.

When UNIT fought back using guns built to resist the cordalane signal, Skorr again fronted the defense, but with their guns now working again, UNIT effectively turned the tables on the Sontarans and recaptured the factory. Skorr himself was confronted by UNIT Colonel Mace, who demanded that the Sontaran face him. When Skorr turned to face him, eager for the fight, Mace shot him three times with his pistol. As Skorr lay dying on ground, he muttered "wonderful" as he succumbed to his injuries, knowing he had died what he considered a good death for a soldier.


Commander Skorr of the 10th Sontaran Fleet known as Skorr The Bloodbringer!
~ Commander Skorr in The Sontaran Stratagem.
I see your faced battle open-skinned sir. Might I share that honour? You may. Thank you!
~ Skorr and Staal before he took off his helmet.