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Commander Mozar is the leader of the Triceraton army and right-hand man of Zanramon. He is distinctive from other Triceratons by his eyepatch on left eye and his robotic left hand. In his first appearance at the end of "Turtles in Space, Part One: The Fugitoid," it is shown that he is paying General Blanque's trusted aide Lonae for information about the Teleportal.

2012 series


Mozar in the 2012 series.

In the 2012 series, Mozar holds a grudge against an alien race known as the Kraang for destroying his home-planet. He discovers that they have infiltrated Earth, and decides to destroy the entire planet to ensure their extinction. He uses a device called the heart of darkness, the same weapon that destroyed his own homeworld, to complete the task. The Turtle's ally themselves with Shredder to defeat him, but are ultimately betrayed by Shredder (he kills Splinter before he deactivates the weapon) and fail to deactivate the heart of darkness. The Earth is destroyed and Mozar withdraws, believing himself successful. However, unbeknownst to him, the Turtle's, Casey Jones and April O'Neil were rescued by the Fugitoid before the destruction of the planet and travel back in time 6 months to stop him from collecting the pieces of the heart of darkness. Once he finds out about how they plan to stop him, Mozar gains a fierce hatred for the turtles, being constantly demoted and berated and getting angrier and more abusive to his subordinates. Because of this, Mozar will go to any extreme to eradicate the turtles, using illegal weapons, making deals with other villains like Lord Dregg and even trying to confront them in physical combat. Mozar is killed when Fugitoid sacrifices himself to destroy both the Black Hole Generator and destroy the Triceraton mother ship.