Commander HooHa is the recurring villain in the cartoon show Camp Lazlo and adoptive father of Patsy the mongoose.


Commander Hoo-Ha is a sadistic bison whose name comes from the military exclamation "Hoo-Ha" (or "Hoo-rah"). He is the leader for both Camp Kidney and Acorn Flats. His appearances brings the whole camp to anxiety, as the penalty for failing his camp inspection is no clean underwear for a year. It seems that he doesn't know Slinkman's name because keeps calling him "Slugman", which Slinkman tries to unsuccessfully correct. He doesn't seem to know or care what a platypus is and refers to Edward as 'some sort of beaver-duck'.

His daughter is Patsy, of the Squirrel Scouts, and Hoo-Ha is highly protective of her, sometimes to the point of violence. He once mentioned that he attends "court ordered" anger management classes. Lazlo seems to be his favourite scout.

His name and behavior suggests that he was once a marine. The insignia on arm reveals him to be a staff sergeant, but his title, commander, is a rank in the navy; the insignia on his chest is that of a three-star general, also known as a Lieutenant General. He drives a vehicle which sometimes resembles a Jeep and other times looks like a Humvee, license plate number "Hrumph", (an angry grunt or snort), decorated with flags bearing a single star, which is the insignia of a general.

He is voiced by Jeff Bennett, who is well known for voicing Jacques von Hämsterviel from Lilo and Stitch series, Joker (Batman: the Brave and the Bold) from Batman: The Brave and the Bold, and the Talking Zebra from Phineas and Ferb series.

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