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He is the follower of Satan Egos and commands the army of the Cutmen. After mastering the martial art of Jashin Style, Hedder attempted to force General Tetsuzan into fighting him by killing his allies. Tetsuzan eventually showed up and the two fought. Although blinded, Tetzusen was able to kill Hedder.

He was later ressurected by Satan Egos as an Egos Monster with ESP powers. He then ressurected multiple robos to assist him in his fight against Battle Fever Robo. Fortunately for Battle Fever, they realized he was controlling the Robos and defeated him, though his eye survived and attached itself to Battle Kenya's boot. It then ressurected itself and went to fight Tetsuzen once again. Hedder revealed he had explosives strapped to his body and threatened to blow them up. Kyutaro, however, revealed a secret freezing spray and froze Hedder. Battle Fever then took the frozen kaijin outside and destroyed him, only for him to grow giant-sized. With an extra power boost, Battle Fever Robo is able to destroy Hedder, finally killing the Commander once and for all.

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