In giving that monster refuge, your true power emerges. Excellent, I've been anxious to see what you're truly capable of. But you're not the only one who can transform. Now, accept your punishment!
~ Deko, confronting Isa for the final time

Commander Deko, known as Deko Gekisho, is the leader of the Nebulox (G5 in the Japanese version) and the main antagonist of the Nintendo Wii video game Sin and Punishment: Star Successor. He and the Nebulox were sent by the Creators (referred to as the Gods in the Japanese version) to find and eliminate both Isa and Kachi, Kachi because she was supposed to be assassinated by Isa, and Isa, because he had abandoned the mission. Deko is fought near the end of the sixth and seventh stages of the game.