Commander-In-Chief Golden Mask is the Black Cross Army's top general. He is a supernatural entity that was mystically awoken in Episode 55 through Black Magic and the Black Cross Fuhrer's powers. He took over Magman's role after Magman was defeated by the Gorangers. He is from Africa, resembling a pharaoh and has plenty of Egpytian references to his own personality, hideouts, and vehicles. He took command of the army's elite African/Egyptian Troopers. Versed in sorcery and keenly interested in astrology. He could repel most of Gorangers' attacks and was near invincible. He was so fiercely loyal to the Black Cross Führer that he sacrificed his own life to reveal the location of Goranger headquarters, turning himself into a rainbow of gold dust. He also appeared in the 'Bomb Hurricane'


  • He had the largest number of minions compared with the previous three commanders.
  • Not to be confused with Gold Mask the first Black Cross minion.
  • Golden Mask has the same theme as General Sahara did, except it's unknown if they ever crossed paths before.