S24 Colton Cumbie
You can quit or you can wait and go home in two days, or you can jump in the fire and be medevaced, whichever’s more convenient for you.
~ Colton Cumbie to Christina.

Colton Cumbie is widely considerd to be one of the most evil villains in the history of the reality television series Survivor.

He appeared in survivor season 24 One world in the Manono or male tribe, much to Coltons dismay eventhough he was relieved to find out that the mens tribe and the womans tribe would coexist on the same beach. On day 3 Colton got a hidden immunity idol from one of the womans as the rules stated that idols belonged to one tribe or the other and that Sabrina had to give the idol away to one member of the male tribe.

The mens tribe lost their first immunity challenge in the third round. And as Colton was outside the Muscles alliance and targeted Bill even going as far as showing racistic tendencies which are very rarely seen in Survivor. He was persuaded into voting out Matt instead who was seen as a greater threat. In the 4th round the mens tribe won the immunity challenge. And where thus immune from the elimination. But Colton got into a heated argument with Bill and said he wanted to vote Bill out and mannaged to persuade the entire tribe to give up immunity to the woman so they could go to tribal counci.

After the tribes got split up he stabs Monica in the back eventhough she is was arguably the strongest contestants in the new Manono tribe and had been very nice to Colton..He engaged in bullying Christina once again making racistic implications (As she was asian) and intensifying the bullying as she did not fair well in a reward challenge..And as Colton was evacuated for medical reasons he refused to give anyone on the Manono tribe his HII taking it with him instead.