I will put out your flame for good!
~ Colossus attacking Tabaluga

Colossus is a large brown bull thought to be a monster. He is very protective of his sunflower garden and is the true "bully". Colossus appears in the episode "Bully for You" as the major antagonist of the episode.


Bully for You

An elderly goat explains that Colossus is thought to be a monster and the guardian of giant sunflowers. All the citizens of Greenland fear that Colossus is a bully and could almost kill many citizens. He is very protective of his sunflowers from being destroyed and will attack those who touch or destroy his flowers. Happy and Buzz start to enter his cave and sees two yellow eyes. The eyes coming out from the cave reveal to be Colossus. Happy explained that Colossus is not really that mean. Colossus explained to Happy that he will be very angry if one were to touch his sunflowers. Vultur later overhears about Happy talking to Colossus, so he arrive in Castle Humsin. Humsin listens to Vultur, telling Kayo and Hyena to put fire on Colossus's sunflowers, causing Tabaluga to be framed. Despite Tabaluga having an effort to put out the fires, Colossus is very angry and thought Tabaluga caused the fire. Colossus attempts to kill Tabaluga, but Happy stands up and yells that Tabaluga is her friend. Kayo comes in and whispers to his ear not to listen to Happy. Colossus gets angry at Kayo, Humsin, and his henchmen, sending them back to the desert. Happy later tells him to blame Tabaluga that he didn't burn down his sunflowers. As an apology, Colossus and Happy started to replace the burnt flowers with some of her sunflower seeds.

Although his future is cloudy at the present, it is unknown whether or not he survived the deforestation from the movie, "Tabaluga and Leo".