The origin of the Colony was traced to the time of the Cold War when it was formed at the height of that conflict. During that era, the CIA established an enclave of scientists that they designated as Project Colony. This secret gathering of the top scientists in America was done so that these bright minds would brainstorm ideas as well as scenarios related to defense and the military power of the United States. In time, the group was successful in the creation of a number of projects and weapon systems that were used to secretly fight in the Cold War and were even attributed to the United States winning that conflict over the span of thirty years. Over the years, the groups membership would change with new minds being constantly brought into Project Colony's ranks with these young hungry scientists being provided an unlimited budget to explore and experiment. Following the end of the Cold War, the budget for Project Colony was cut and it was officially disbanded. Despite the loss of funding, the various scientists of the project were in the midst of numerous experiments and refused to cease their activities. Instead, they reformed themselves as a private organization and began calling themselves the Colony who decided to continue their operations in secret where they sought to ensure the global military and economic supremacy of the United States of America. However, as the global landscape changed, so to did the priorities of the Colony who began to claim that they saw a 'bigger picture' to their activities. David Palmer was noted to had disagreed with the new objectives of the Colony but was unable to leave their ranks due to the secrets he knew of them and leaving is not an option (members expressing such views are to be terminated). Thus, instead, he operated as a loyal operative but began to shelter his nephew Raymond Palmer as he hide his existence from the Colony. This was in fear that the organization would try to forcibly recruit the child due to his brilliant intellect.