"How will you die, Joan Wilder? Slow, like a snail? Or fast, like a shooting star?
~ Colonel Zolo's quote, right before he makes an attempt to kill Jaon Wilder.
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Colonel Zolo is the main villain of 1984 Action/Adventure movie, Romancing The Stone.

He was played by Manuel Ojeda.


The main villain and the murderer of Elaine's husband. He goes to New York City and kills a janitor while looking for the map that was sent to Joan Wilder, writer and main heroine. He follows Wilder to Colombia and tries to trick her and then steal the map from her. Later he gets a ride from Ralph, criminal and redeemed villain, who looks famaliar to Zolo until Ralph triks him into thinking he's french.

Zolo has Ralph take him to his base, where Zolo recruits his military cops to hunt the heroes and the stone down. Close to the end of the movie, Wilder meets with Ralph and Ira, criminal and villain, but it's interrupted by Zolo and his men, who have captured Jack. Zolo takes Wilder to a pond of crocodiles and threatens to feed her to them unless she gives him the stone. Jack reluctantly kicks the emerald to Zolo, who's hand and the emerald get eaten and swallowed by a crocodile.

A gun battle then takes place Zolo's men against Ira's gang and Zolo goes after Wilder and Elaine. He toys with the women before he tries to kill both of them. When Zolo runs to kill Wilder, she knocks him into a pit of crocodiles and is killed and eaten.