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Colonel Bakarashin Iinodevitch Zol is the first Shocker commander to appear in the Japanese series Kamen Rider.


Colonel Zol is the first Shocker commander to appear, being summoned from Shocker's German branch. His attire resembles that of a Nazi soldier. He can assume his kajin form Wolf Man, a wolf monster. In episode 39, he becomes Wolf Man to battle Kamen Rider 2, who destroys him with a Rider Punch.

Other Appearances

Kamen Rider V3

Colonel Zol was later resurrected by Destron. He dies again in an exploding Destron base.

Movie War 2010

Narutaki disguises himself as Colonel Zol, though he is unable to resume his Wolf Man form like the original. Somehow, Zol blacked out and become Narutaki again. He then flees.

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