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Who is this terrorist!? What makes you so valuable to him! This bastard tried to destroy me tonight! But he failed! At sunrise I will hunt him down and have his skin hanging on the wall!
~ Zaysen to Trautman after Rambo's failed rescue attempt.

Colonel Alexei Zaysen is the main antagonist in the 1988 film Rambo III. He is a sadistic Soviet commander who runs a prison camp during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.

He was portrayed by Marc de Jonge.


Zaysen was a brutal Soviet commander in charge of a region in Afghanistan. As Col. Sam Trautman prepares to move supplies for the fight against him, Zaysen appears in a helicopter and captures Trautman. The commander begins to interrogate Trautman gruesomely alongside his top Russian soldier, Kourov. One night, Rambo tries to rescue his colonel, but fails in the attempt, but not before a number of Russians are killed. Zaysen gets into another argument with Trautman over Rambo.

The next morning, Rambo successfully rescues the captive Trautman then makes the escape along with other captive Afghan civilians. Zaysen then orders a manhunt for Rambo and Trautman and Rambo kills Kourov with a grenade and other Russians with his compound bow in a cave. At the Pakistan border, Zaysen has Rambo and Trautman cornered until Mujahideen forces arrive to help Rambo out. All of Zaysen's men are killed and with victory at hand, Rambo commandeers a tank and rams the tank's big gun into Zaysen's helicopter, killing Zaysen and his helicopter crew.



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