Hello, Jack.
~ Colonel Zarpedon
If we can get out by first light, it won't be a moment too soon.
~ Colonel Zarpedon
They said your jump pads were stupid.
~ Colonel Zarpedon

Colonel Tungsteena Zarpedon is the main antagonist of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, she is the colonel of a rogue military called The Lost Legion who tries to destroy Helios and become a hero just like Handsome Jack. She was meant to be the final boss but after getting killed by Handsome Jack, this was revealed to be a campaign to hide the game's hidden final boss.


Colonel Zarpedon commands the Lost Legion, a rogue military unit formerly of the Dahl Corporation. Early in The Pre-Sequel, Zarpedon takes over the Helios Space Station and begins using the Eye of Helios to destroy Elpis and all the secrets its Vault holds in the belief that she is saving the universe. During the hostile takeover of the station, she orders the death of any Hyperion personnel her troops find, putting her in direct conflict with Jack and his Vault Hunters as they attempt to escape. She is first seen in person using her power suit to destroy the escape ships, forcing Jack and company to find an alternate method.

After the Vault Hunters escape to Elpis, Zarpedon spends most of the game repeatedly blasting the moon with the Eye of Helios, much to the annoyance of Jack. Eventually, during the assault on Helios, she is encountered once again in a last-ditch attempt to stop her enemies from recovering the Eye.



  • Zarpedon is the only boss and villain who seems to have a longer and leading role in Borderlands: The Pre Sequel.