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Thaddeus Ross (Earth-94831)
Colonel Thaddeus E. "Thunderbolt" Ross is an alternate-reality version of General Thunderbolt Ross and a part of President Kelly 's genocidal government intent on wiping out all mutants from the face of the planet.

As such he is a far more villainous individual than mainstream Thaddeus Ross, who tends to focus on Hulk and has not expressed genocidal feelings towards mutants as a whole.

This version of Thaddeus Ross is guilty of crimes on a scale equal (if not surpassing) those of mass-murderers during some of history's worst massacres and he was unrepentive, being the main man behind the Sentinels.

Colonel Ross was ultimately murdered by Hyperion, who snapped his neck.


  • This version of Thaddeus Ross is likely a fusion of mainstream Thaddeus Ross (who is a high-ranking military official) and beings such as Master Mold (who seek to destroy all mutant life).

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