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Colonel Krieg was a villain appearing in The Rat Patrol.


Krieg was an SS officer tasked with interrogating Lieutenant Gustav Luden on charges of treason. After Luden outed himself by attempting to pull his P38 and kill Krieg, he was subdued and Krieg made plans to take him to the Gestapo for further questioning. On the way, they stopped at a checkpoint manned by an Afrika Korps soldier who was really Moffitt of the Rat Patrol in disguise.

The soldier told them that there was something wrong with their Mercedes staff car, and so the SS driver, Corporal Coppel, got out to check, and was knocked out by Moffitt, who then also knocked out Krieg and his aide Lieutenant Durst. The three were put in the guardhouse and found later by Afrika Korps soldier Mueller.


  • In a costuming error, he has the shoulder insignia of a Wehrmacht oberleutnant (1st lieutenant) and the collar insignia of an SS rottenführer (corporal).

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