Colonel Kleist is a villain from the TV series Combat!. He was played by Sasha Harden.


Kleist was an SS officer always seen in plainclothes. Following the July 20th Plot to assassinate Adolf Hitler, Kleist became suspicious of General Friedrich von Strelitz, a high-ranking Nazi general who was very outspoken in his dislike for Hitler.

It turned out that von Strelitz had been involved in the plot, and Kleist became hellbent on capturing him. Tipped off by the General's daughter, Kleist went to the train station to arrest von Strelitz, who was accompanied by American officer Lieutenant Hanley in disguise. Following a foot chase through the trainyard, Kleist shot and fatally wounded von Strelitz. However both Hanley and the dying general escaped in Kleist's car, leaving him behind. His fate after this is unknown.