Colonel Klaus Meyer
is the main antagonist of the 2001 horror film, Devil's Rock and is portrayed By Matthew Sunderland. He is a Nazi officer who summoned a powerful but ultimately uncontrollable demon by which to massacre the Allies but found his efforts to contain her in vain, to this end he manipulates a New Zealand commando captive into aiding him "banish" the demon, only to turn on his pawn and declare his intent to sacrifice him to the demon and ensure success for Hitler via occult means.

However, Meyer is pushed out of his magic circle by his would-be-victim and is devoured by the demon, who is then left to prey on the Nazi occupation force who arrive on the base soon after.



Meyer is a very cold and ruthless man who appeared to be loyal to the Hitlerite school of thought (such a racial purity and so on) yet when the Satanic plot was uncovered Meyer seemed geniunely disturbed by it and wished to put a stop to it, fearing even his own country's use of such atrocities.

However it was revealed later that Meyer was in fact a complete psychopath who had no intention of actually ending the occult experiments and simply used his captive as a pawn by which to ensure victory for himself and he even gloated that he would "sit at Lucifer's side" : his death at the hands of the very demon he planned to enslave was a fitting demise for a cruel, manipulative and utterly ruthless devil-worshipper and would-be-conqueror.