Colonel Ketchup is the leader of the Army Bears in the game Naughty Bear. He first appears in Episode 3 as the second boss bear, and Episode 4 as the third. Cozy is the boss bear of the third, Nibbles is the boss bear of the second, and King Oodoo is the second boss.


Episode 3

Naughty Bear is resting on his bed when he wakes up and sees a bird with a camera on its head. He sees Cozy and several Army Bears attaching cameras on the birds heads. Cozy takes out a picture of Naughty and shows it to the bird, telling the birds to search for Naughty and spy on him, probably to make sure he doesn't do anything Naughty. At the urging of the unseen narrator, Naughty decides to punish Cozy for violating his privacy. Colonel Ketchup and Cozy appear in the final zone inside a house heavily guarded by Army Bears, so a direct attack would be idiotic. Players should wait for Cozy to leave the safety of the house, stalk him, and kill him. Naughty should not try to kill Ketchup unless it is the Killer Challenge, where every bear must be killed.

Episode 4

Ketchup appears in the final zone of the episode with Nibbles. He and the Army Bears have come to save the island by fighting the zombears, led by Oodoo who are attacking. He will attack Naughty if he sees him, so Naughty should hide while the Army Bears and zombears fight each other. In Killer Challenges, he, along with Oodoo and Nibbles, are listed as the bears supposed to be punished.