Why did you do it Castle? Why did you turn your back on our country?
~ A soldier shocked about Castle's treachery
Ha! You have any idea how much Dredd is paying us?
~ Colonel Jasper F. Castle

Colonel Jasper F. Castle is a villain from the Max Steel Reboot episode "Uncle Sam Wants You!". He wanted for Max Steel to join and help the United States Army fight off the forces of Miles Dredd. However, it turned out that Castle was working for Dredd all along and had a plan to trap Max Steel so that he can receive money.


Castle was very charismatic and friendly to Max Steel when he first met him. He saw some potential in him to join the army. He knew about the secret Commander Forge Ferrus held from Max McGrath and wanted to use it to persuade Max to join his side. He also appeared to be very noble and honorable and proud to be apart of the United States Army. However, it turned out that Castle only cared for the money he can receive if he can hand over Max Steel to Miles Dredd. Some of his own men were shocked about this and were angry that he was working with Dredd for his own personal gain. When he was confronted by one of his men for his treachery, he had no care for what they thought of him. He was only concerned about his own safety in the fight and Max Steel's defeat so that he can get money from Dredd. However when the plan failed, Castle was caught by his own men and N-Tek and he had his badge removed.