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Colonel Heller (007)

Colonel Heller is a villain of the 1989 James Bond movie, License to Kill. He was played by Don Stroud.


An ex-green beret colonel of the US Army turned head of Sanchez's military and security. He's also a wanted criminal of the United States like other villain Truman Lodge. One night, Pam Bouvier, CIA agent and heroine, came to meet Heller and gave him a letter of immunity if he gave her and Leiter the Stinger missiles. He almost accepted but then 007 missed Sanchez and Heller told Bouvier the deal was off and he would personally kill her if he ever saw her again. Later Heller and Sanchez attack Kwang, Hong Kong narcotics cop and hero, and an M16 agent and kill them both. 

He also assists in the killing of Milton Krest, entrepreneur and villain. Near the end of the movie, Heller tried to get the Stingers away from the chopper but was caught by Sanchez and then Sanchez had Heller impaled on a forklift's pallet holder and had his corpse and forklift crash into a wall, with Bond saying he came to a dead end.

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