Colonel Sandurz 002

Colonel Harlend Sanderz is a military commander of the armies of Planet Spaceball, minion of Dark Helmet, and a major antagonist in Spaceballs. He is always seen at Dark Helmet's side and despite only being a minion, he seems show much more intelligence then his peers.

He was portrayed by George Wyner.

This is demonstrated by the fact that when they can't find the heroes, he suggests that they pop in a instant video of the actually movie Spaceballs to find them, and it actually works. Another example of his intelligence is that when they are given the order to comb the desert and are seen literally combing the desert with combs he asks whether the are being to literal. However despite his intelligence he is still a spaceball as he has a tendency to be cowardly and "Chicken" and is often seen panicking when things don't go his way. However despite this he still remains one of the most competent spaceballs out there as without him Dark Helmet wouldn't be as successful as he is and would probably become even more stupider then he already is.


  • His name is a parody of KFC founder Colonel Harland Sanders.