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I'm going to cut you some slack, because you've had it so rough. But you're a troublemaker.
~ Cochran to Andy.

Colonel Cochran is a minor antagonist in Child's Play 3 and one of Chucky's indirect victims.


When Andy arrives at the school, Cochran is already well aware of his reputation built by his Chucky encounters, and openly expresses his hatred towards him. Although gruff and bluntly telling Andy to "grow up and forget these childish fantasies of killer dolls", Cochran does appear to have some sympathy for his situation, seemingly aware of the institutionalization of Andy's mother and that Andy has been bounced around from foster home to foster home for several years, and hopes that Kent will provide Andy with a means to live a productive, steady adult life, though he still hates him. When another student, Ronald Tyler, finds Chucky in a package meant for Andy, he starts playing with him. Cochran confiscates the doll, stating that toys are unauthorized at Kent. Tyler protests but Cochran promptly negates any objections, simply stating that Tyler knows better than to backtalk superior officers.

Later, when Shelton finds Chucky missing from the confiscated items room, he brings the male students outside at midnight, and gets Cochran out of his office. Explaining that he's trying to weed out a thief, Cochran allows him to continue, on the condition that this stop at 1 AM, confession or no confession. As soon as he returns to his office however, he comes face to face with Chucky, jumping out from behind the desk, knife in hand. At the sight of the killer doll, he suffers a fatal heart attack. As the Colonel dies, he falls over backwards onto a display of the school grounds, shattering it.

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