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I did what I had to do. I'm an officer, Beckett. Trained to survive and to lead people. And I had 150 lives waiting for me to take them to somewhere safe.
~ To Maggie, "The Exodus, Part 2"

Colonel Angus Rickman is an antagonist appearing in the FOX science fiction series Sliders.

He was portrayed by Roger Daltrey in his first appearance and then by Neil Dickson in subsequent episodes.

Rickman first appears in "The Exodus, Part 1." He is the commander of a US Army base in California on an alternate world that's under threat of annihilation by pulsars, and he's first seen chastising intelligence officer Maggie Beckett for her poor handling of Dr. Vladimir Jariabek, a Caltech professor who was tracking the pulsars. Later, after Quinn Mallory, Wade Welles, Rembrandt Brown, and Maximillian Arturo are apprehended by Maggie and brought onto the base, Rickman interrogates Quinn about his sliding timer, and coerces the Sliders into working with his scientists to develop sliding technology that can transport a select number of people to another world. It later turns out that Rickman is the one behind a series of attacks that have been occurring on the base, extracting brain fluid from the victims and injecting it into the back of his neck.

In "The Exodus, Part 2," Rickman orders for a mob that's trying to get inside the base to be executed, and he listens calmly as the gunshots ring out. Later, when Arturo discovers that they can slide more people to the new world that Quinn and Maggie found earlier, he arrogantly insists that they stick with the number they have already, drawing Arturo's stern criticism and vow to make sure he's relieved of duty when the crisis is over. Rickman later attacks Arturo and extracts some of his brain fluid, but is forced to flee when he's interrupted by Rembrandt and Wade. Rembrandt and Wade later find vials of brain fluid in Rickman's office along with a newspaper clipping stating that, in the Gulf War of this Earth, the colonel was infected with a disease that attacks the brain stem, which necessitates his need for brain fluids.

When Dr. Jensen stumbles upon Rickman injecting himself with brain fluid, Rickman shoots him to prevent the truth from coming to light and later lies to Maggie about what happened. He then activates a vortex to the new world, but before he himself can slide, the Sliders show up. Quinn struggles with Rickman, but Rickman overpowers him and attempts to shoot him, only for Arturo to take the bullet for Quinn. Rickman then leaps into the vortex, which closes behind him.

The Sliders make it to the pulsar survivors' new world, where they join up with Maggie and inform her of the truth about her husband's death. Quinn and a vengeful Maggie go to find Rickman, and they separate to take Rickman by surprise. Rickman grabs Maggie and prepares to shoot her, only for Quinn to come up and punch the colonel, leading to a short fight that ends with Rickman overpowering Quinn and using Dr. Jensen's timer to escape, leaving the three remaining Sliders, joined by Maggie, to resolve to track him down to retrieve the coordinates to Earth Prime (stored in Jensen's timer) as well as avenge Arturo's death.

Rickman next appears in "The Other Slide of Darkness," where he has taken refuge in a part of the woods covered by a strange, suffocating fog and has been draining brain fluid from the locals. It soon turns out that Rickman has allied with an alternate version of Quinn (in fact, the very first double of Quinn that appeared in the series) in exchange for safe passage off this alternate world.

In "Dinoslide," Rickman returns to the world the pulsar survivors colonized earlier, but he again escapes from the Sliders.

In "Stoker," Rickman poses as a priest in order to find suitable brain fluid donors, but he again escapes.

In the third season finale "This Slide of Paradise," Rickman has landed on a world where California is a chain of islands, one of which is home to a genetically-engineeered breed of human/animal hybrids created by Dr. Vargas. Taking and injecting brain fluid from these hybrids has resulted in Rickman taking on animal characteristics. In the final act, Rickman attempts to jump into a vortex, but he ends up missing the portal and falling to his death.


I want hourly updates on the trajectory of that pulsar. I did not ask how difficult it is. Just do it.
~ Rickman, "The Exodus, Part 1"
I don't recall giving you permission to speak freely, Captain. Arrogance may be admired in a fighter pilot, but not in an intelligence officer. Which is what you are now. Don't you forget it.
~ Rickman to Maggie, "The Exodus, Part 1"
You are entitled to your opinion, Captain, but not when you're wearing that uniform.
~ Rickman to Maggie, "The Exodus, Part 1"
Well, then, let's play a different game. Tell us about this.
~ Rickman, interrogating Quinn, "The Exodus, Part 1"
You will be confined to this base but you have the freedom to move around at will. Just don't do anything foolish.
~ Rickman, to the Sliders, "The Exodus, Part 1"
Warning the Russians would have revealed our Star Wars technology to the Chinese which, in the bigger picture, would have put American lives at stake. And American lives are what I'm trying to save now.
~ Rickman to Wade, "The Exodus, Part 1"
Listen, if you don't help me, I may not get the job done in time and then no one will be saved.
~ Rickman to Wade, "The Exodus, Part 1"
You want me to tell them they're all going to die? This is not gonna turn into the last days of Saigon. We need to maintain order till the slide is complete. Now, if you're so gung-ho in saving more people, be assured no one's gonna stop you giving up your place on the lifeboat.
~ Rickman to Arturo, "The Exodus, Part 2"
I'm sure, by now, you all know about the pulsars, that more are coming. Until a few moments ago, I, like the rest of you, thought that this was the end, that we'd all die here. But now we've found a way for us all to escape. It's an inter-dimensional form of travel called "sliding," which will allow us all to go to a new world. We have only one chance to make this thing work, so my orders must be followed without question. Anyone who disobeys threatens all of us and they will be executed immediately. We've compiled a list of all base personnel. Our computers will randomly divide us into two groups. When it becomes time to leave this Earth, each group will leave separately. At 2100 hours, everyone will move to the command buildings at the center of this base. If you want to pray, now's the time to do it. God help us all.
~ Rickman's message, "The Exodus, Part 2"
It's better that a few make it alive than none at all. We stick with the plan we have.
~ Rickman, to Arturo, "The Exodus, Part 2"
You shouldn't have been so damned clever!
~ Rickman to Arturo while harvesting his brain fluid, "The Exodus, Part 2"
I'm sorry, Dr. Jensen, but you won't be coming to the new world.
~ Rickman to Dr. Jensen, before shooting him, "The Exodus, Part 2"
Just look at the people we brought with us, Captain--scientists, engineers, doctors. They're not used to hard labor. No. We'll use the native population and when they've built our new city, I'll set them free.
~ Rickman to Maggie, "The Exodus, Part 2"
Sloppy procedure, Captain.
~ Rickman to Maggie, after intercepting her as she tries to sneak up on him, "The Exodus, Part 2"
He was a victim of bad timing.
~ Rickman to Maggie, about Dr. Jensen's death, "The Exodus, Part 2"
Maggie, is that you? Maggie, you're looking for me, aren't you? [...] Oh, yes, it's me! I'm sorry about Steven. But he wasn't really man enough for you, was he? Maybe I did you a favor.
~ Rickman, to Maggie, "The Other Slide of Darkness"
Having trouble breathing, Mallory?
~ Rickman, to Quinn while ambushing him in the fog, "The Other Slide of Darkness"
Gonna give up before the mission's finished?
~ Rickman to Maggie, "The Other Slide of Darkness"
You always were slow on the draw, Beckett!
~ Rickman, to Maggie, as he flees, "The Other Slide of Darkness"
I wouldn't get too cozy in all that righteousness if I was you, Mallory. Without you, I wouldn't be sliding.
~ Rickman to a captive Quinn, "The Other Slide of Darkness"
Still worked up about your dead professor?
~ Rickman, to Quinn, "The Other Slide of Darkness"
You know what the funny thing is? They were going to kill me. Then I told him about you. How you were following after me. Then everything changed. You're my savior, man.
~ Rickman, to Quinn, "The Other Slide of Darkness"
Get it now, Mallory? I bring you to him, he fixes my timer, and I'm on my merry way.
~ Rickman, to Quinn, "The Other Slide of Darkness"
So close, Maggie. Another inch to the right and you'd have won our little game. Well, at least you kept Mallory in the contest.
~ Rickman, to Maggie, "Dinoslide"
You wouldn't lie to me, would you, boy? You see, if you lie to me, I'll have to cut her.
~ Rickman, to Malcolm, "Dinoslide"
You're a brave little boy. I could use a man like you. Now, let's just go have a look in that cave, shall we?
~ Rickman, to Malcolm after he tries to fight him, "Dinoslide"
Sloppy, Maggie. Very sloppy! When you covered your tracks, you brushed out all the other tracks here as well, even the boy's! Or or did he fly here, eh? And just touched down over there where the tracks begin?
~ Rickman, exposing the Sliders' plan to capture him, "Dinoslide"
Well, that makes three of us. You see, if I'm hit, even with a clean head-shot, my trigger finger will jerk, and I'm afraid this this poor boy here will have an exit wound in his body that you could pitch a cat through.
~ Rickman, "Dinoslide"
Yes, it's me. Or at least what's left of me.
~ Rickman, to Maggie, "This Slide of Paradise"
I always loved to watch you sleep.
~ Rickman, to a captive Maggie, "This Slide of Paradise"
Oh, look at me, love. I'm already there.
~ Rickman, to Maggie, after she tells him "Go to Hell," "This Slide of Paradise"
Of course, I'll save you for last, Maggie. Give us a chance to see if we can rekindle the old flame.
~ Rickman, to Maggie, "This Slide of Paradise"
You mean after all this time with your new friends you never once mentioned we were lovers?
~ Rickman, to Maggie, revealing their past affair, "This Slide of Paradise"
Wrong! The biggest mistake you ever made was betraying me to follow Mallory.
~ Rickman, to Maggie after she remarks that sleeping with him was the biggest mistake of her life, "This Slide of Paradise"
I'm sorry you're gonna have to be first, Wade. I really am. I've always found you rather attractive.
~ Rickman, to Wade, "This Slide of Paradise"
Why? You people never left me alone. Don't you know payback is hell?
~ Rickman, "This Slide of Paradise"
An attractive offer. But I'm not interested. You see, I'm leaving the island this evening, and I have all the supply I need. Besides, I have a special connection to my prisoners. A warm, fuzzy relationship. Much like you have with these servants.
~ Rickman, to Dr. Vargas, "This Slide of Paradise"
I'm going to the cliffs. Do what you want with him!
~ Rickman, to Dr. Vargas' hybrids, "This Slide of Paradise"
Not without me!
~ Colonel Angus Rickman's last words.