Look at what the punk did to me! If we catch him -- when we catch him -- I get double rations!
~ Colonel America after half of his forehead is removed.

Colonel America (real name: Steven Rogers) is the counterpart of Captain America from the comic book, Marvel Zombies. He is responsible for Spider-Man's infection, and half responsible for the infection of Wolverine. He is also indirectly responsible for Reed's insanity, as Colonel America infected She-Hulk.

Colonel America is one of the first heroes to be infected by the zombie plague. He and the other Avengers then decide to attack the citizens due to the hunger. However, not long after they start, Colonel America tells the Avengers to stop as there may be a cure and tells them to return to Avengers Mansion. However, once they arrive, they are taken by the hunger yet again and devour Jarvis. Soon Giant-Man arrives and the Avengers tell him that they're giving up the fight.

Colonel America is later seen infecting Wolverine with Hawkeye's help. He is soon whacked by cars, courtesy of Magneto. Colonel America makes 2 cameo appearances in Ultimate Fantastic Four, twice during Reed's flashback, and again when Ultimate Reed is captured, telling the others to run from the raining cars, again, courtesy of Magneto. After Magneto destroys the dimensional gateway, Colonel America offers him a chance to die peacefully but:

  • Wolverine wanted him to suffer, probably due to their history before the virus came.
  • Magneto denied it anyway.

Not only does Colonel America miss out on eating Magneto, but half his brain is destroyed by his own shield. Colonel America does manage to eat the Silver Surfer, but he fails to eat Galactus because Red Skull ripped out his brains. Spider-Man avenges him shortly after, which is ironic as Colonel America infected him.

Colonel America, while not the zombie who brought the Zombie plague to Earth, could be considered the main antagonist of Marvel Zombies as he infected Spider-Man, who was guilty for his actions since he ate his wife and aunt, infected She-Hulk, which later led to Reed's insanity, and was responsible for most of the zombifications.

Colonel America is somewhat revived when his brain is placed in the body of Black Panther's deceased son. However, Colonel America's previous hunger for flesh is replaced by a hunger for battle. However, through these acts, Colonel America is able to redeem himself. It is unknown what happened to him after he was sent to Earth-Z, but it can be assumed he was killed with the other zombies.