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Abdul Al-Rahman, also known as Colonel, is a villain in the Marvel Comics.


Abdul Al-Rahman was a Azerbaijani teenager that was furious at the invasion of Iraq by American super-soldiers. He volunteered for medical treatments that would give him superhuman abilities, so he could strike back at America. The treatments worked and Rahman soon gained more muscles and an athletic physique.

During the Liberators’ invasion of America, he fought Captain America. He ordered his soldiers not to interfere so he could fight Captain America by himself. During the fight, Colonel tells Captain America why he hates America, and why he became Colonel. When Captain America is about to finish colonel of, he tells his soldiers to hold him, and prepares to kill him. The Hulk interferes by throwing Captain America’s shield with enough strength to cut of Colonel’s hands. Captain America broke free and the Colonel was impaled by his own weapon.

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