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"You know, this park is for Beverly Hills residents "only"."
~ Collen speaking to Sam Cortez.
Collen Mansfield is one of the secondary antagonists in the movie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2". She was portrayed by Elaine Hendrix.

At the beginning, after seeing Appoline getting dirty by the Papi's puppies, Collen scolds Sam Cortez that he and his dogs didn't have a right to be in the park, simply because he wasn't a Beverly Hills resident. She tells him that her dog, Appoline has been a dog show winner for a few years. Afterwards, they both left the park.

Later, at the dog show, she glares at Sam after he entered Papi, Chloe, Pedro, and Delgado in the competition. During the show, Appoline paw-painted a picture of a trophy and Collen showed it to the judges and the audience. During the final round, she realizes that Papi and Appoline were the finalists. She ultimately tells Judge McKible that Papi was a stray. Papi ends up being disqualified, because it was against the rules for strays to participate. In the end, Collen and Appoline won the competition by default and were not seen again afterwards.

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