The Collector is a villain who fought against Wolverine in one of the hero's numerous solo missions (though he did have a rather odd partnership with an obscure hero known as Doop).


The Collector used his teleportation machine to steal the artifact known as the Pink Mink from under the noses of a scientific research facility. To get the Pink Mink back, the research facility hired Wolverine to track down the location of the Pink Mink and return it.

Soon after, as the Collector reveled in the majesty of the Pink Mink, Wolverine jumped through a window and attacked the Collector and his guards. Two of the Collector’s guards pulled guns on Wolverine, who promptly hacked his way out of the situation. During the scuffle, Wolverine dodged gunfire which hit many of the Collector’s artifacts, including the original Declaration of Independence and a priceless Egyptian statue. With the Egyptian statue destroyed, the stasis field holding the Pink Mink was also destroyed, allowing the Mink to come into contact with oxygen. Once the Mink touched oxygen, it began to release clouds of pink smoke which filled the room as the Collector crawled away to escape. Mesmerized by the pink smoke, Wolverine was shocked to see a mysterious Pink Lady appear, grab the Mink, and disappear in a flash of lightning.

Returning to the research facility, Wolverine explained that he would continue to search for the Pink Mink and decided to enlist the aid of X-Statix’s Doop in his quest. Later that night, the duo kicked down the door to the Collector’s penthouse and found it covered in pink paint. Doop and Wolverine then discovered the Collector’s lifeless body, hanging from the ceiling with a bucket of pink paint on his head and a note attached reading, “She’s real.”