Collectimus is a villain from Ben 10: Omniverse.


Collectimus has large purple lens glasses and has light green skin with dark green robes and armor. He is small and sits on a golden chair.


Collectimus can be seen as traditional nerd collector and is a perfectionist when it comes to collecting, (IE:  rare items, completed set, pristine condition, etc). He considers himself to be above galactic law, and that even the planet Earth is nothing more than a collectible, due to the fact that it was signed by the "Real Ben 10" and was willing to trade it for an original T-Shirt.

Powers and Abilities


Due to his chair's technology being supposedly more advanced than any other in the universe, Collectimus claims to be undefeatable, However, his main weakness seems to be his fanatical obsession of collecting all things related to Ben 10. He was even willing to trade the entire planet Earth for Ben's old T-Shirt.