Coldstone is a cybernetic anti-hero from the animated series Gargoyles who was originally antagonistic towards the Manhattan Clan.


During his time in the Wyvern Clan, the gargoyle later known as "Coldstone" was led to believe believe that his mate was having an affair with Goliath by his treacherous rookery brother. Othello attacked Goliath, throwing aside his mate, until she was able to make him see the truth behind their brother's lies.

In 994 CE, Coldstone was shattered with his clan by Hakon and his Viking marauders.

A millenium later, Coldstone was resurrected by Demona and Xanatos, using parts of three gargoyles: the one who would come to be known as Coldstone himself, his mate and his evil brother from 994 A.D.

Upon reanimation, he named himself Coldstone. He was manipulated to attack the Manhattan Clan by Demona. Upon realizing the truth and joining the Manhattan Clan he took a laser blast to the chest intended for Goliath and sunk to the bottom of the Hudson River.

Months later Xanatos reactivated Coldstone to steal technology from a competing company. By breaking into the servers Coldstone was infected with a computer virus which caused an internal struggle for over the body between the three spirits within the android. During this struggle Goliath entered into the body via virtual reality helping Coldstone and his mate defeat their evil brother who was consumed by the virus and shutting down the body of Coldstone. Goliath took Coldstone's inanimate body to the Manhattan Clan's Clock tower and kept it inside a storage room.

Macbeth and Demona later stole the Grimorum, Eye of Odin, the Phoenix Gate, and the body of Coldstone as part of the Weird Sisters' plan. Reactivated, the internal struggle continued and Coldstone took the body to exile in Tibet. Found by Owen he was brought to New York and used as a lesson for Alex on transferring souls eventually giving Coldstone's brother, and mate their own bodies. Coldstone's evil brother, now calling himself Coldsteel left to cause mayhem with Coldstone and his mate, now called Coldfire, following his trail determined to end his rampage.

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