Colberto in its last evolved form.

Colberto, also known as Kù bèi sà in Chinese (库贝萨), is a villain in Taomee's Seer franchise who is one of the two main antagonists of the third movie, The Universal Force: The Seer Squad, and a creature in the online game the movie is based on.


Colberto is a legendary ancient-type creature that threatens the Tree of Nas. In its first form, it resembles an armored rhinoceros. In its last form it becomes a giant bipedal creature and has a set of horns. Throughout the film, General Dean controls it to make Colberto get the the light from the Tree of Nas to make it evolve and destroy Nas. After a prolonged battle, it was finally destroyed and peace in Nas is restored.

In the online game, Colberto is obtained through a limited tie-in event with the movie by pre-ordering a movie ticket of the film.