Coily is a major antagonist in the Q*bert video game series and one of Q*bert's primary foes, along with Wrong-Way and Ugg. He is a purple snake that chases after Q*bert.


In the original game, Coily's main goal appeared to be to bite Q*bert. He always started off as a Coily egg, which bounced down to the center of the pyramid, where it hatched. Then, Coily would pursue Q*bert. The only way to get rid of Coily was to use a Transport Disk, which would cause Coily to jump right off the edge.

Q*bert (animated eries)

As opposed to his in-game appearance, Coily in the 1983 Q*bert animated series is depicted as the leader of a greaser-type gang of troublemakers.

Q*bert 3

In the third game, Coily played the same role as in the original.

Q*bert 2004

In the Q*bert 2004 flash game, Coily performed the same role as in the original. However, like Wrong-Way, Ugg, Slick and Sam, he appeared differently depending on the board type.

Movie appearance

Coily the Snake

Coily in the Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph.

Coily was confirmed as one of several video game characters to cameo in the 2012 animated Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph. He along with Q*bert and the rest of the characters from their game started out as "homeless" characters living in Game Central Station after their game was unplugged and taken out of Litwak Arcade. At the end of the film, they are accepted into Fix-It Felix Jr. as obstacle characters for a Bonus Level in the game.