Cohila is a villain of Extreme Ghostbusters. He is an ancient South American insect demon.


According to Incan legend, a breed of devil bugs was led by their powerful king, an insect demon named Cohila. Legend also told of his ability to assume a human form for the purpose of seducing a mate. Also referred to as the Incan lord of evil, Cohila was buried with a magic talisman to make sure he stays asleep.

In 1997, Cohila's tomb was discovered in the jungles of modern-day Latin America and acquired by the Museum of History in New York. A pair of thieves sought to steal the talisman and inadvertently awakened Cohila. He spit several bug spores into the thieves' mouths and allowed them to flee the scene, to serve as incubators. Cohila then sought to rebuild his hive and take over the world. However, to complete his hive, Cohila still needed a mate. He took human form and referred to himself as Gregor Samsa as he searched New York for someone partial to insects.

Relationship to Others

Janine Melnitz

Cohila selected Janine to be his queen. After he managed to transform her into her butterfly-esque form, he never addressed Janine by her name and he refuted anyone who addressed her by her name, saying it was a name given to her "in her former life" and only addressed her as "my queen". He offered to feed her what he called "royal jelly" and told her that she would rule his hive with him.


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