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Jean-Claude, take these wretched dust mops away! I WILL NOT HAVE THEM RUINING MY WEDDING DAY!
~ Coco LaBouche ordering Jean-Claude to lock up the babies during her wedding with Chaz
Coco LaBouche is the main antagonist of Rugrats in Paris: The Movie. She is the child-hating head of EuroReptarland wishing to be head of the company but must learn to love children first, to which she lies by saying she's engaged. She tries to get Chaz Finster to love her and marry her just so she can get promoted. This sets the climax of the movie.

She is voiced by Susan Sarandon, who later played Queen Narissa.


Coco LaBouche runs the amusement park EuroReptarland, a Japanese theme park located in Paris, France. Coco is first seen ordering her assistant, Kira Watanabe, to fly the designer of their massive robotic Reptar out to Paris so it can be repaired immediately, as it's head flew off.

Not long after the arrival of Stu, the designer, with his family and friends, Coco has a video call with Mr. Yamaguchi, her boss, expressing her desire to be the head of the Reptar franchise. However, Yamaguchi, her tells her that she's one of the many people being considered for the job. He also tells her is that his successor has to love children to be able to do the job, as children are the main audience for the Reptar franchise. Coco lies to him by claiming to be engaged to a man with a child of his own, but rather than name Coco as his successor immediately, Mr. Yamaguchi tells her that they'll talk about the promotion after the wedding occurs.

Coco and her other assistant, Jean-Claude, try to quickly figure out how and where they're going to find a single man with a child. However, they discover Angelica hiding in her office instead. Angelica, wanting to avoid Coco's fury, tells her about Chaz and his son, Chuckie, since Chaz is looking to finally date someone seriously. Coco uses the opportunity to pretend to fall in love with Chaz, while continuously impressing Chaz as much as possible. In order to pull it off, she forces Kira, who has a crush on Chaz, to help her (although she's unaware of Coco's real motives).

Coco learns from Angelica that, although Chaz is very much smitten with her, Chuckie doesn't like her at all, and wishes for his new mommy to be the princess character who befriends Reptar. Coco resolves this by performing the role of the princess when Chaz and Chuckie attend the show. Although Chuckie is dismayed that Coco is the princess, Chaz decides on the spot he wishes to marry Coco, much to everyone's shock.

Days later on the morning of the wedding, Coco forcefully yanks Chuckie's Teddy bear Wawa out of his hands. She then orders Jean-Claude to lock the babies, even Angelica, in the warehouse with the robotic Reptar, despite their being part of the wedding, as she doesn't want them there to ruin it. She then orders Kira to throw out Wawa, opening Kira's eyes to the truth. On their way to the cathedral, Kira confronts Coco about deceiving Chaz. Coco fires her on the spot and kicks her out of the limo, going to Notre Dame alone.

During the wedding, Chuckie has enough time to arrive because Chaz spends a long time reciting what he believes to be their favorite poem. The wedding itself proves to be quite dreadful, as Coco loses patience and forces the ceremony forward, and rushing the Archebishop until she completely loses her temper and tosses the Bible at him. However, Chuckie barges in through the door, halting the ceremony. Coco pretends to be happy to see Chuckie, but moments later, Jean-Claude bursts in and accidentally reveals that she had locked the babies up to prevent them from coming.

Chaz, finally seeing the evil liar Coco truly is, angrily calls the wedding off. Then Angelica attempts to tell the grown-ups about Coco's plan, who promptly hushes Angelica. However, Mr. Yamaguchi suddenly appears, revealing he had been witnessing the entire ceremony, and asks Angelica to tell them what Coco was trying to do. Angelica then reveals Coco's wicked scheme to marry Chaz and take control of the entire Reptar franchise by doing so. Yamaguchi, enraged by Coco's deceit and treachery, then fires Coco, before leaving the church.

Coco attempts to storm out of Notre Dame, but realizes the babies are standing on her dress. Furious, she knocks them down in front of everybody! Angelica declares that only she is allowed to pick on the babies and then she stomps on the wicked Coco's wedding dress, causing it to rip, revealing her lingerie in front of everyone, including some tourists with cameras, much to her anger and humiliation, and Coco runs away sobbing, never to bother the Rugrats or anyone else ever again.

It is unknown what happens to Coco at the end of the movie after she got flashed by cameras during her defeat. Either she worked at Ooey Gooey World in Euroreptarland or working at the Perfume P.U (Parfum de P.U) where she tests deodorizers on people with smelly armpits, or smelly feet.


  • Coco's defeat is like that of Clarice Kensington from It Takes Two. Similar to what Angelica did to Coco, Alyssa Calloway (having been pretending to be her identical friend, Amanda Lemmon) steps on Clarice's dress in front of everybody as the latter storms out of the church embarrased as the former asks, "Wanna bet?" (after Clarice declares she has "never been more humiliated in her life").
  • Coco's villainy is reminiscent of Agatha Trunchbull from Matilda, because she despises children and mistreated Kira and the Rugrats in the same manner.
  • Coco's design resembles Cruella De Vil from 101 Dalmatians.
  • Coco's last name "La Bouche" is French for "the mouth".


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