Earth Coco

Coco is a villainess in Fairy Tail. She is a member from the Legion Cops.


Coco is relatively short. She has light brown hair and has a hat on her head. She wears a white-yellow dress and blue pants. On her legs she wears red sandals, which she uses for fights.


Coco is relatively mean and hates cats.


Along with Mary Hughes and Sugarboy, Coco defeats the Fairy Tail members. Later she follows Lucy and Michelle, but they confuse her and manage to escape. Later she fights Panther Lily and after Mary Hughes finds a key, she retrateats. Later she along with Dan Straight confronts Lucy, Michelle and Natsu and both fight them. After they split she teams up with Lucy, refusing actually help her. Then she finds a strange thing and avoids it barely. Lucy treats Coco's wound and escape. She later appears on the altar and questions his orders. When she's about to be attacked by Byro, the Fairy Tail members come and team up to fight Byro until Neo Oracion Seis appears. After that she's imprisoned in the Legion Cops' church until Natsu frees her. Then the two are confronted by Guttman, but Mary Hughes comes and decides to fight him. When they arrive they fight Imitatia until Midnight turns the latter to a doll. Later along with other members she searches for the now inactive clock parts.