Cockerell is one of Capricorn's henchmen and a minor villain in the Inkheart book series and the 2008 adventure-sci fi film adaption of the same name. He wears a leathery feathered back coat and has a tall hairstyle which oddly resembles the comb of a cockerel (chicken).

He was portrayed by Matt King.

In the stories of Inkheart, Cockerell takes over as Capricorn's favourite henchman when Basta is sentenced to death. In the film Inkheart, he walks with a limp because of Darius' stumbling.


Cockerell was a character from Inkheart who is one of Capricorn's faithful minions and he kills, especially by Capricorn's orders without question.

When after his master was released from the story book world of Inkheart, He forced the stuttering SIlvertongue named Darius to summon his army. Cockerell was among them but like the others because of Darius, his face becomes distorted and he ended up walking with a limb.

Cockerell first came with Flatnose and a few others to Mo, Maggie and Elinor Loredan and took the three to the castle at Capricorn's village. Cockerell, Flatnose and Basta once sent by Capricorn to capture Maggie and the author of Inkheart named Fegnolio. They succeeded and took the trio including the small dog Toto from The Wizard of Oz back to Capricorn's castle.

When the Shadow was unleashed but gotten out of control, Maggie shouted the rewritten words from the story of Inkheart and have the Shadow to punish and erase both Capricorn and his cohorts. Cockerell and Flatnose were both among those destroyed.