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Cobranjin Neo-Shocker Kaijin

Cobranjin (コブランジン Koburanjin?, 9): A cobra cyborg, able to control snakes, with a snake's head for a left hand that spews a flammable venom. He was sent by Neo-Shocker to gather the best skilled fighters to create a Murder Army. Posing as a man with shades to conceal his snake eyes, his uses his Cobra Hypnosis to recruit Puncher Suzuki the boxer and Mister Kairiki the wrestler. After his attempt to recruit Tsukuba's mentor Miyoshi failed, Cobranjin ends up fighting SkyRider. Kidnapping Ryouji Miyoshi and placing him in a snake pit, Cobranjin tricks Miyoshi to come to his son's aid so he can complete his army. But when Sky Rider saves the boy, as Miyoshi takes down the Murder Army, he battles Cobranjin before causing him to explode after hitting him with his Sky Kick.