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Cobra Commander is the main antagonist of G.I. Joe Spy Troops and Valor Vs Venom movies, based on toy lines with same names. In those movies, Commander is voiced by Michael Dobson.

Role in the movies

In these movies, Cobra Commander is the ruthless leader of COBRA organization. He appears in the first film with his hooded mask and in the sequel with the plate mask. He is main antagonist in both movies, because he is the leader and commander of the enemies and also because he oversees the operations. In first film, his plan was to use stolen MIRC technology to control machines in a safe place so none of his pilots or Battle Android Troopers wont get hurt in the battle. In the second movie, he plans to infect people over the world with virus, what would turn them to Venomized Troopers, that would be loyal to him. He also kidnaps General Hawk and turns him to the leader of Venomized Troopers. In both movies, his plans are ruined by the Joes.


In those animated movies, he shares some similarities to the Cobra Commander of the mainstream G.I. Joe series.